With our hectic schedules these days, few of us can devote much time to shopping. It’s tempting to grab what looks like the best deal, but a purchase as important as your mattress is not something to rush into just so you can cross it off of your to-do list. After all, you’re going to spend a third of your life sleeping on it, so make sure that you choose the mattress that is the right one for you and purchase it from a trustworthy, reputable seller.

Of course, I hope that you will buy your next mattress from Sleepy Zzz’s because I believe that we offer the best service and the best prices on top quality, big-name brands like Serta. But, if for some reason you decide to shop elsewhere, here is some advice to keep in mind:

Buy from a mattress specialist who has a history of happy customers…

Do your homework. Find out how long the company has been in business. Are they a certified dealer of any big-name brands? Check online for testimonials, reviews, and claims with the Better Business Bureau. Ask friends and co-workers for recommendations of mattress stores – most likely, they will share their positive experiences as well as their not-so-positive ones.

A word about online mattress sellers…

Online shopping is undeniably convenient and can offer great deals on many types of items, but nothing can replace the experience of comparing and testing out mattress choices in person. What seems like great quality from a photo or a description may be a different story when it arrives at your door. A mattress labeled “Firm” by one brand may be considered “Medium” by another brand, and so on. The only way to decide what’s best for you is to lay down on the mattress for a few minutes and see if it feels right…and if not, test out a few more. Some online mattress sellers address this disadvantage by offering returns or exchanges. However, be aware that returning a mattress that you aren’t satisfied with can be much harder than you think – regardless of the seller’s return or exchange policy. Finally, there is no substitute for a knowledgeable, experienced sales person to guide you to the best mattress to fit your needs and your budget.

Why buy from Sleepy Zzz’s by Michael Zellner?

There’s a reason why I put my name in the title of my store! And it’s not just vanity, I promise you. It’s because I fully stand behind my business. I’ve built my reputation on honesty and respect. Sleepy Zzz’s is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and has an A+ rating.

I started selling mattresses over 14 years ago, with nothing more than a couple of storage units and a commitment to offering every customer a top quality mattress at the best possible price. As my business grew over the years, I’m proud to say that I’ve always held this promise. My happy customers keep coming back to me, time and time again, which proves that I must be doing something right.

I hope you will come visit us at Sleepy Zzz’s and see just how easy mattress shopping can be!



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